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.Zoovies was a promising, well-regarded service, but it has been taken over by Cinema Paradiso


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Zoovies ScreenshotZoovies was taken over by Cinema Paradiso in 2005; this review, in the original, primitive style of our site in 2005, remains as it was for posterity.

Zoovies' site design is simple and no frills--even a bit boring--but it works. Still, the sparse site is particularly good if you have a dial-up modem. They have an excellent search engine with title/actor/director, each of which is fully linkable in the results. We also especially like the many categories they have; traditional genres with well-stocked subcategories up top, but then a long list of "I am looking for" sections you don't often see on these sites like anime, girls/boys/couples night in, critically acclaimed, original and remakes, etc. In short, Zoovies is a fun website, and certainly one of the best of the medium-sized companies--an excellent and cheap option.

Prices: Instead of having a free trial, they give you the second membership month free. They certainly have low prices; 1 disc is £8.99, 2 discs for £11.99, and 3 discs for £13.99. They also offer a 4 per month subscription for £17.99, though this does not come with a free second month

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Marty from London, March 16, 2005

A good company with fast turn-arounds, but a limited selection of DVD's.

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Design: 7, Value: 7, Service: 7


Kevin from London, February 25, 2005

I first tried DVD 365 and like Zoovies better. It has a funkier site. I'd rank customer service higher than you guys though--haven't had any problems to speak of. Yes, turnaround can sometimes take a couple days, but no worse than with DVD 365.

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Key Facts
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1 disc: £8.99
2 discs: £11.99
3 discs: £13.99

Trial?: 2nd month free

Titles: 5,000
Game Rentals: no
Adult Films: 400
Phone Contact: no

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