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.We prefered the originals at Lovefilm, and WH Smith eventually closed its DVD rental service down.

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WH Smith's DVD rental service is now out of business, but in its heydey was powered by the market leader Lovefilm, and other than the banner, and the fact that it is blue instead of brown, the two websites are practically identical. Actually, there's less functionality and features here than with Lovefilm. On the other hand, they do have an long free trial, so you'll need to consider these when weighing up your membership options.

We understand WH Smith cut back marketing for their movie rental division in 2009 though, and in our experience this is often a step towards winding down--we'd be wary about signing up with them just now, and we've knocked them down a bit on our table to reflect this. Likewise, we've noted their DVD title count has stayed firm at 60,500 for all of 2009 and into 2010.

They do have a link to go to the WH Smith retail website, which can be handy. Still, the similarity begs the questions--why go with the WH Smith middleman at all, why not stick with the specialists at Lovefilm (who certainly are not winding down any time soon)? That said, we do judge that WH Smith is one of the better Lovefilm affiliates.


Prices: WH Smith DVD Rental's free trial period is a rare 30 days, though you won't be able to get a free trial if you've already tried another Lovefilm-powered site. Their standard subscription rates are 1 disc for £9.99, 2 discs for £12.99, and 3 discs for £15.99. I f you want to cancel, you must let them know and be sure all DVDs arrive back by the end of the trial period


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Rob from Norwich , October 7, 2007

I've been with WH Smith online DVD rental for nearly two years, but have just decided to close my account with them.

Over the last few months, the quality of their customer service has declined, and in the last month alone I have been sent 4 incorrect discs. Each time I complained, I was sent a brush-off email saying this didn't happen very often! When I asked for a gesture on the part of WH Smith in recognition of the amount of time wasted and inconvenience caused, I was told that an extra 4 days would be added to my account. This seems something of an empty gesture to me.

Today the 4th wrong disc arrived, and I tried to go on the site to complain, only to find that it's out of action until at least tomorrow. Shoddy! The site itself is badly designed, the search facility is very random, and many of the titles have been incorrectly entered on the database, meaning that searching by title can often yield no results, but a search by director or actor will find you the film you want, with the title mis-spelled. This, again, is shoddy, and a waste of time. Another annoying thing about the site is that it is rarely updated with details of new films; at present when I log in, the site tells me that "A History of Violence" is out now in cinemas - it's been out on DVD for nearly a year!

The basic premise of online DVD rental is paying to watch DVDs you want to watch. WH Smith are becoming less and less able to grasp this relatively simple concept. I strongly recommend that you look elsewhere if you want a decent level of service.

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K from London , March 12, 2009

Crap service, finally ditching these guys as things have gone downhill so much lately.

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Jim from Manchester, May 14, 2008

Excellent service all, only marked four stars for service as they don't always have the latest films, but I doubt another company would be better on new releases anyway, so I'm sticking with them.

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Jkore from Rhondda, April 9 , 2008

I have been with many dvd rental companies online and I think that WHSMITH are by far the worst. The service is very slow indeed, therefore, not good value for money. The only good thing I can say is that they do send extra envelopes if you want to send the ones you watch first back sooner.

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