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.The best-designed and run DVD rental site in the UK in its day--since merged with Lovefilm

Screenselect DVD Rental Review

Visit Lovefilm DVD Rental Site Screenselect merged with Lovefilm on 7 October 2006, and is now trading under the Lovefilm name. This review has been left in its final form on that day.

Most reviews across printed media and the net rank Screenselect as the best UK DVD rental site--and we agree. It boasts a 58,000+ title library (pretty much every DVD released in the UK), user-friendly navigation, and the breadth of the collection means you have a better chance of getting your top choices. To give a sense of scale, in October 2005, Screenselect shipped a million DVD rentals out. We like their various themed collections, which make it easier to browse and pick something of interest. They've also won praise for sending TV/film series in their precise order and also allowing a payment break if you go on holiday.

They have an excellent reputation for customer service, the bane of many otherwise good rental companies.

Screenselect was established in early 2003 by some of the team which originally launched It has since merged with Video Island, making it the largest UK DVD rental company. The Screenselect/Video Island engine "powers" several other UK rental companies, and has been rapidly expanding. Keep in mind that you can only get one free trial period with any of these Screenselect/Video Island-powered sites--but our own opinion is that you should cut out the middleman and subscribe direct with Screenselect if you like their system. In June 2005, Screenselect/Video Island and its partner sites were estimated to have a 37% market share of all visits in online DVD rental, making it the UK market leader by a considerable margin. As of early 2006, it had 250,000+ customers.

In January, Screenselect was the first online DVD rental company to offer its members a cinema booking service at Vue Cinemas nationwide. This is part of the company's declared strategy of moving its services beyond the letterbox, offering movie fans access to a range of entertainment packages. In March, they began a robust console game rental offering: 1400+ games for PS2, 40+ for XBox 360, 700+ for XBox 100+ for PSP and 400+ for GameCube. Also, unlike Lovefilm which charges higher for game tariffs, you can mix and match DVDs and game rentals at no extra charge.

However, despite all the features and the swift mailings, there have been some complaints about delays on getting new releases. Screenselect may not be perfect, but if we had to recommend a single UK DVD rental site, this would be it.

Prices: Screenselect are offering a rare 30-day unlimited disc free trial (their normal free trial is only 5 discs within 21 days). To take advantage of the offer, click our "Start Free Trial" button below and then when you reach the Screenselect site, press the grey "Go" button next to the special promotional code; DO NOT press the red "Get 5 Free DVD rentals today" button, or you will not get the special, 30-day offer. You won't be able eligible for another free trial if you've already had one with any Screenselect or Lovefilm "powered-by" site (the two companies are in the process of merging.)

Screenselect charges £9.99 per month for an unlimited 1-disc at-a-time subscription, £12.49 for 2 discs, and £15.99 for a 3-disc package. They recently introduced two fixed tariffs on the Amazon model, £5.99 for 2 discs in a month, 1 at home at a time, and £7.99 for 4 discs per month, also 1 disc at home at a time.

Screenselect offer a month discount if you prepay for six months. It is possible (and unlike other companies, easy) to cancel within the free trial period.


Screenselect DVD Rental Customer Comments
Featured Screenselect Customer Review

Adam from Manchester, October 6, 2005

I have been with Screenselect DVD Rental for just over a month, excluding the free trial. I agree somewhat with previous reviewers that allocation of first choice movies can be slow, but not often longer than a week or so. I have never had to wait more than a working day for a DVD and on the 3 DVD package I have managed to rent 25+ DVDs a month and a number of new releases. The holiday from payment feature is very useful, and the price for the subscription is pretty good value.

Also if you want to get a new release the same week, try returning the DVD in the post on Friday or Saturday, so you're at the front of the queue for selection on Monday! Has worked for me a few times. The Screenselect site is easy to navigate, with some of the recommendations being useful, and open your eyes to DVD's you might not normally want to watch. The DVDs are sent out in clamshells, and normally the return envelopes are made in strong paper, and I have no problems with them.

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Most Recent Screenselect Customer Reviews

Highroyds, June 14, 2006

Well so far since I moved from BlockBuster DVD rental, I have seen just about every DVD that I never got to see with BlockBuster, but its now slowed down a little, as I have King Kong as the others above plus a few XBOX360 games oh and some more DVD's on the high priority rental that I would like. But I have yet to see these yet after 2 weeks so far. But I have been watching the DVD's that I have in the 2nd rating (Ultimate Force Series).

Their receiving of titles when you've sent them all back at the same time is a little strange. When I've sent 3 DVD's back they state in the morning that they only receive 2 and then the next one in the afternoon (which isn't bad), but then sometimes they state that the 3rd hasn't arrived till the next day. Can't complain much if ya getting a steady stream of DVD's though lol.

I've only had 1 DVD go missing so far which I had to fill out a form which took 2 weeks to come through (1 week I had to contact them to ask them if the form had gotten lost lol). But if I didn't comply with their investigation I would be charged £20 for the lost DVD.

But I have received a few DVD's that have been faulty, which have had to send back, but they have sent out replacements quite quickly.

If it wasn't for these problems I would highly rate and recommend them to anyone.

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Watcher, June 13, 2006

Having tried Lovefilm, I switched to Screenselect a few months back based on comments on the forum here, and it's certainly been a good difference. I average four DVDs per week on the three disc-at-a-time tariff, which I figure is pretty good value (4x4=16 discs, under a quid per disc). My one problem was a lost disc, which was annoying as it ate up one of my slots for a well over a week, but they posted me a postal loss report form and two months later I haven't heard anything about it.

Comments about delays in getting new releases are true, but I have gotten things like King Kong and Lord of War fairly quick, while this took longer with Lovefilm, so I'm not complaining--Blockbuster would probably be the same.

So I'd definitely recommend these guys, not perfect perhaps, but good choice, quick turnaround, etc.

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