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.Before its April 2007 acquisition by MyMovieStream, was one of the best UK medium-sized companies; now defunct

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Moviemine was acquired by MyMovieStream on 6 April 2007, but we've kept this legacy review as it was then for posterity...

Moviemine has an excellent web layout, with some technical bonuses that no other UK rental sites have yet. They allow browsing by director, cast, and even keyword, one of the few sites with this feature. Their DVD collection lists are also much better than what we've seen on other sites—specifically all the Oscar, Bafta, and Cannes awards for various categories going back decades, as well as collections like James Bond, Carry On, Star Trek, even authors whose books have been made into films. However, they do have a smaller inventory than some of the larger companies, and do not disclose how many titles they stock.

Moviemine was the first company to offer the opportunity to browse the site and review/amend your wish list through a mobile phone or PDA, and is still one of very few to do so. They also offer a new autoselect feature where you set rating and genre selections, and it will automatically top up your movie list when it gets low. Likewise, Moviemine was the first UK site to have mini popups (via updated Microsoft AJAX for the techies) appear as you scroll over a title providing key details, so you don't have to click on it each time. It sounds minor, but this feature makes for a much smoother browsing experience. We increased their Service ranking in both September and October due to good comments we've heard as well our own stellar two month trial with them.

We also like their rating system, but the short film synopses leave something to be desired, and reviews would also be useful. Unlike other companies, Moviemine try to send all their discs out in a single mailing (undoubtedly saving on postage costs, though it means you'll probably wait to watch all your discs before mailing back in that envelope. Discs can be sent back individually if you provide an envelope and just add the freepost address). Their DVD packaging has won particular praise as being quite sturdy as well as nondescript--though postmen stealing DVDs is very rare, Moviemine customers are safe, as there is no indication there are DVDs inside.

Movemine do not rent Adult films, so this is one of the top choices for parents who want to allow their kids to pick DVDs. Likewise, they are one of a minority of DVD rental companies with a real phone contact number--always very useful in case of problems.

Prices: Their prices are fairly standard for the industry. One disc unlimited monthly rental is £9.99, two discs £12.99, three disks £14.99, four discs £19.99, five discs £25.99. Unlike most services, they also offer a limited four discs per month budget subscription for £5.99 allowing two out at a time -- we prefer the value of unlimited rentals, but if you only watch the occasional DVD, this option could be for you.

Instead of offering a free trial period, they offer the first month at half price, and if you sign up for a year in advance, they give you one month free, which comes out to quite a good deal. Note, according to their terms and conditions, you need to cancel your subscription five days before the next billing period, or you will be charged.


Moviemine DVD Rental Customer Comments
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Fatmarco, October 3, 2005

I have used Moviemine DVD rental for a few months now and have to say that I'm fairly impressed.

To give you the downside first they don't have as many titles as the bigger companies (but their selection is still pretty good). I have also noticed that you might have to wait a while for certain titles.

However their good points include great value offering a 5 DVD package for £19.99 and it truly is an unlimited package unlike some out there. Their turnaround time is spectacular on almost all occasions you return your disks on the 1st day, they receive them on the 2nd, and you receive your new titles on the 3rd.

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Scotte, 13 February, 2006

Not the cheapest on the web and I find the site layout not to my liking but i have found no better customer service anywhere for anything. Exemplary!

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Shannon, December 18, 2006

I've had nothing but good service for several months from Moviemine, cancelled as I'm in between jobs and money is tight at the moment, but I'll probably be back.

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