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.Lovefilm is the largest and one of the best UK rental sites, with an unparalleled selection and excellent site features; it was absorbed by Amazon, which continues to offer streaming service through Prime (30-day free trial link below).

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Lovefilm was the UK's largest online DVD rental service and their film inventory (with just about every DVD released in the UK). It no longer offers DVD rentals by post, but was absorbed by Amazon, which offers one of the best film streaming service through Amazon Prime.

After merging with former competitors Screenselect and Amazon, Lovefilm now control perhaps two-thirds of the UK online DVD rental industry, with well over 1 million customers.

Lovefilm has an excellent site design with many quirks and extras that earn it the reputation of having the best film information content. Lovefilm has little gimmicks to keep it fresh like a Queue Voyeur to see what other people are renting, in-house editorials, movie quizzes, viewer ratings, viewer reviews, and a "trailer park" on films currently in the cinema. There is an extensive section of film newsletters, interviews with stars, movie news, film festival info, film quizzes, and even competitions. You can set up an email or SMS text alert when new discs are shipped out.

In 2005, Lovefilm became the first large DVD rental company to offer video game rentals as well, and now stock more titles than any other company. For a more detailed review of Lovefilm's video game rental setup see the review on our sister site at They've also beefed up their Blu-ray high definition disc inventory, from some 600 in mid-2008 to 1,100 by spring 2009 and 1,800 as of 2010 and ??? by 2015.

They have also been doing Video on Demand (VoD) longer than any other UK rental provider, allowing you to download an entire film to your computer for £2.99 each (or starting at £9.99 if you want to save the film). Over ??? feature film titles are available to rent. This is a separate, pay as you go service to their normal DVD rental plans. Video downloads like this will be the main entertainment venue of the future, but we reckon for the next decade or so DVDs (and Blu-Ray discs) will be a major sector.

Lovefilm has drawn complaints for its "fair use" policy, throttling back DVDs from high volume renters to give priority to low volume customers. This shouldn't be an issue for regular users, but high volume renters should probably look at other companies. Nonetheless, as the market leader, Lovefilm does attract a fair bit of criticism for the inevitable problems which crop up with all the DVD rental providers. We have heard some good news on the customer relations front though; iny 2008, Lovefilm relaunched their phone customer service line, open an impressive Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm, and Saturday to Sunday, 9am to 4pm. This is a major feature which few sites boast, and we always suggest calling when you have a problem instead of using online forms or email.

Lovefilm was launched 2004 as to challenge then-market leaders Screenselect and Video Island, merging with the former in 2006. Lovefilm was revitalized by the merger and expanded into game rental and new fixed total discs per month tariffs. In 2010 they launched a new streaming service and by the following year was posting their first proft. Lovefilm was acquired for 200 million pounds by Amazon in 2011. In 2012, Lovefilm had to face new entrant Netflix. To give a sense of scale, they regularly send out 4 million discs per month.

Lovefilm's New Warehouse

Lovefilm's DVD Distribution Centre

Lovefilm's web and distribution engine also "powered" several other UK DVD rental services, including Tesco, Sofa Cinema, EasyCinema, Odeon Direct, CD Wow, and WH Smith, so-called "white label" services. Keep in mind that you can only get one free trial period with any of these Lovefilm-powered sites--but our own opinion is that you should cut out the middleman and subscribe direct with Lovefilm if you like their system.


Prices: Lovefilm offers a two-week free trial. You won't be able eligible for another free trial if you've already had one with any Lovefilm "powered-by" site. Their standard, unlimited subscription rates are 1 disc out for £9.99, 2 discs for £12.99, and 3 discs for £15.99. They also have capped 2 disc-per-month plan for £3.99, 3 discs total for £5.99 and 4 discs total for £7.99, but this is not cost effective.

Their new Pay as You Go plans may be convenient for someone who only wants to rent the odd film, but it is not very cost effective, starting at £9.99 for 4 rental credits (£2.50 per disc, nearly high street prices!) and working up to 15 discs for £29.85 (a slightly better £1.99 per disc). The only plus is that these credit can be used any time for up to six months, but most people would be better off on one of their unlimited tariffs.

As mentioned, Lovefilm also offer Video on Demand (VoD) film downloads for £2.99 each; entirely separate from their DVD rental tariffs.

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Lovefilm DVD Rental Customer Comments
Featured Lovefilm Customer Review

Guy from London, July 6, 2009

Lovefilm are aptly named, their website really sets them apart with all sorts of film resources and links to films you might not think of, which is useful after your first year or so when you've seen all those old films you've been dying to see and worked through the new releases. And Lovefilm do have a great back-catalogue, believe the numbers that they have the largest.

I haven't experienced the throttling I've read about for high renters, get through maybe 3 or 4 DVDs a week, which I think is a pretty good clip as my job leaves me with less free time than I like. I do sometimes regret the delays on getting titles as soon as they're released but generally don't wait more than a week or two for a top-ranked choice. Thumbs up for Lovefilm.

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Most Recent Lovefilm Customer Reviews

Martin, May 15, 2011

Lovefilm used to be a really good DVD rental service, not only because of its range of DVDs, but mainly because of its attitude to customers. If anything went wrong, you could phone and speak to someone who invariably sorted out the problem, usually throwing in a bonus DVD for good measure. Their email customer service was pretty crap, but at least it existed. Now there is no customer contact at all: customer services passes you on to the general Amazon site, where you can only ask questions about recent purchases. There is no phone contact. All there is is a list of Frequently Asked Questions, and one of those forums you have to search through in the hope of finding something like your question, or pose a new one and hope for a reply. In other words customers can sort their own problems out, just 'don't bother us at Amazon because we can't be bothered'. There's probably nobody there anyway, the whole process computerised from start to finish. This was always on the cards once Amazon took over. Great shame.

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Craig, May 15, 2011

I recently left Lovefilm because it was soo slow turnaround i had over 300 dvds on my rental list and i never got the ones from the top always sent the ones from the bottom so i went to cancel i clicked cancel account then i see a screen saying do you want cancel ring so and so then im on the phone ages the line is pretty bad and they just play music so i tryed again next day... now we get somewhere an indian guy answers the phone can hardly hear the man he said would you like to try something else i said no they must be desperate for customers after the call the onscreen account screen said cancellation is pending so i waited 2 days for it to be cancelled! im now with cinemapardiso again as i always get new releases and good turnarounds service is similar though they hardly email back so you cant win! hope this review helps.

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Martin from Craigavon, March 22, 2011

I used to be a member of this site a few years back before online streaming and found the turn-a-round of discs to be faster then than they are now that i rejoined, but i can usually find something to stream if i happen to be disc-less, I think this is something that the other sites are lacking at the min, plus I keep about 15-20 movies in my top list so i rarely get anything from medium and have never got a disc from my low priority list, I see no reason to change sites and am pleased overall with lovefilm

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Will from Brighton, June 29, 2010

Lovefilm has the best website with films that can either be viewed free online (mostly older films but the occasional newish release as well) or pay per view. DVD turnaround was better than my experience with Blockbuster so I'll loathe having to go back to Blockbuster; but the fact is Lovefilm no longer supply films released by Universal studios. For instance you cannot rent: Bruno, 9, Inglourious Basterds, public enemies etc. At Blockbusters you can. In fact there are so many new films unavailable at Lovefilm (since Novemeber/December 2009) that my rental list is looking a bit thin. I'll be heading back to Blockbuster soon.

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Jay from Manchester, January 19, 2010

I have mixed feelings about LOVEFILM. It works well when it works...just don't expect new releases to come quick...but their customer service is crap, just spout the same "we are looking into it" nonsense.

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Patrick from Somerset, July 16, 2009

80% of my selections are on 'Shart Wait' Some have been on 'Short Wait' for months and months. These are not new items. They have too meny customers and too little stock. I plan to move to one of the other DVD hire companies.

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Steve, June 4, 2009

Bit of con the 14 day trial - all old vids no matter how hard you look. Cancelled straight away and had to phone up to do that - which was a bit odd!!!! in this day and age.

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Martin from Huddersfield, February 19, 2009

Can't complain about the website, it is the best, with great film news and stuff, and plenty of bumf on the films themselves. Dvds come fast and I get to save loads off going to the local video shop. I do think it should be a quid cheaper and service should be more customer oriented. Still, as long as you don't have a problem, customer service won't be an issue, but that odd time when there is a problem, it's not as easy as it should be.

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