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.Nice-looking site and very cheap, but customer service is terrible--now out of business


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Chris from Kent, September 13, 2005

This outfit cheekily charge £9.99 up-front for 6 weeks, meaning the first 2 weeks are free. I would call that a 50% extra free rather than a free trial. Canceling from DVD to Me is a nightmare. I went through contacts and sent an e-mail through the link at only to receive an e-mail back from the same e-mail address advising me to re-direct my request to that very address. Confused? Save yourself the hassle, avoid at all costs.

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Andy from Bucks, July 14, 2005

Firstly a payment is taken up front before the free trial, which you then have to claim back if you don't wish to continue. Customer services is absolutely terrible when it comes to canceling. Unable to complete cancellation from supplied link and no reply from . When emails sent to info or members@DVDtome requesting help, I was simply resent the link to cancel. Still refusing to refund initial payment because the last disk returned now appears 'lost'. I have supplied them with a Certificate of Posting, but they deny that this is 'associated' with the 'missing' DVD.
At best the service is slow, the site is very basic as is the search engine and there is not a very large selection of DVDs compared to other sites.

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Ed  from Cambridgeshire, 2 June, 2005

Yet another company which drags its feet like hell when you want to cancel. I emailed the address saying I was cancelling days before my free trial, as I was fed up with the scratched discs, and got no reply. I emailed a few days later to question the charge they made to my credit card, and they claimed I had "not followed the correct cancellation procedure" even though they claimed an email should have been automatically sent to me with a cancellation link.

It took another four emails over two weeks to finally get the refund--they just don't answer them. You have been warned--AVOID THESE GUYS.

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Steph  from Chelt, April 26, 2005

Really nice service...but no anime films, so not good for those who like the anime.

Apart from that there's a good selection, for the SF buffs - they have the V film and the mini-series something that you can't find on some of the bigger sites!

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Melissa  from Birmingham, April 22, 2005

I was disappointed with DVDtoMe for several reasons.  Several of the recent releases I'd seen on other DVD rental sites weren't available here, the service was slow, and the lists of recommended DVDs on the website weren't as comprehensive as others I've seen.  Customer service was far from good - I'm still waiting for a reply to an email sent a week ago...

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