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.A European site serving exclusively adult, hardcore films in the UK; now out of business

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Visit DVD Monthly Adult Rental SiteDVD Monthly was a Netherlands-based DVD rental service which specialises in only hardcore, adult films for the UK market, but which is now out of business. It stocked over 4,000 adult films (with a total inventory of 30,000+ discs), and claims to add 100 more new titles each month. Naturally, being located across the Channel, shipping takes longer, but they claim a turnaround of two business days via priority post is normal. So your turnaround is longer, but the advantage appears to be a wider range of hardcore films which they claim are all Region 0 films rather than UK Region 2 titles; we believe the vast majority would therefore not be available from the UK-based rental companies.

Their site is quite professional and wide-ranging, with no less than 41 genres to choose from. In short, it should be all the selection you'd ever want. Title info includes hyperlinked genre, studio, stars, director as well as rating, front and back cover images, and short film summaries, as well as a "similar movies you may like" section underneath. Though they're too new for us to have a good sense of their customer service yet, we do believe their features are better than the many mainstream DVD rental sites, which certainly impressed us.

Prices: DVD Monthly do not have a free trial, but do offer the first month at only £4.99. Otherwise, their tariffs are on the high side (no doubt to account for higher postage from the Continent, and because they're the only site we've been made aware of offering European hardcore films in the UK). They offer 1 disc subscription at £14.99, 2 discs at £19.99, 3 discs at £24.99.


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Tim from London, December 21, 2006

I'll echo what others have said; the service can be a bit slow given mailing across the Channel, but they do what they say on the tin. Cheap way to get uncensored stuff from Europe which nobody else stocks. Haven't had any problems with scratched or lost discs, and the wrappers are pretty nondescript, so they win points on that count. A bit pricey and not perfect, but would definitely recommend as the service is unique as far as I know.

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L from Manchester , September 9, 2008

As far as X-rated sites go, this is excellent. It's like a Lovefilm for hardcore porn, and I do mean hardcore, not the soft stuff that passes for it in this country. It is from the Dutch after all, as in Amsterdam and such. Wait time is annoying as is the price, but you just don't get this sort of service round here.

Definitely worth a try.

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Chris, January 29, 2008

same as above good all round value a bit expensive though

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A from Midlands, December 19, 2007

I'd also agree with what everyone else has said here. The fact that its the only site that rents hardcore xxx is why it appears my 'only' choice. On the whole, a GREAT new batch of R.L.D. titles added (id been a member for almost 2 years and NEVER saw the '100 new titles added' a month - take THAT with a pinch of salt!!!) and that gets a thumbs up from me.

In summary, dvd's often quick to arrive, but BAD turnaround. Great range of the muckiest bongo around.....if only the service matched.......

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Joe, September 1, 2007

All in all this company have provided a good service, i receive dvd's sometimes next day (two days max), sometimes returning dvd takes its time (2-4 days sometimes) but what do you expect when they are based in holland?

You get full un-cut hardcore material and you wont find any other site that offers this service for the uk that i know of.

In terms of value i would say maybe just a little pricey but then dvd's are sent from holland so value deserves 3stars

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Alan from London, July 2, 2007

I have been using DVD Monthly for a while now and find it adequate. I do agree with the other reviews that there are rarely new titles which is frustrating. Since the demise of Privateathome they seem to be the only adult dvd service out there so until something better comes along then I'll keep using them. Customer service and turn around times have never been a problem for me so four stars

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Luke from London, May 2, 2007

I would not recommend this place, customer service have never once replied to me and have tried to contact them many times, sometimes it takes ages for them to receive disks that you send back, they never seem to buy any new titles so the stock is very limited and its very expensive I find the very most disks you can get in a month is 5, you are better off downloading or buying from the states.

The only reason I have stayed with them for a while is that they are the only company I can find that does a porn rental service I guess that's why they get away with such service.

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Andy from Midlands, June 26, 2006

Seems they had problems my first week of joining, sent me out films and reset my subscription date from film date sent so I still had a full month before being billed. Only problem is the film turn round, for the 2 disc package you can expect a maximum of 10 films a month.

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John from London, June 13, 2006

Well, they do what they say, send films you can't get in the UK, so their "value" from this point of view is good, as no mainstream UK company does this. But be aware, discs do take longer to arrive; my first one arrived in an impressive two days, but it took five days from the time I posted it back until the next one arrived, just something to be aware of. But again, I still think it's worth it given the unique service.

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