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.A fairly good, smaller shop for N. Ireland, but now out of business


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DVD Choice is now out of business--we've kept this review the way it was for posterity. We understand they are still servicing existing customers, but currently not accepting new ones for rental.

DVD Choice's site looks simple and effective. You get an impressive 21 categories to browse through, or you can search by certificate, handy for children's films. They have a rating system with 10 stars, the only one we've seen with so many. Their DVD rental information is good, complete with indexed author and director and disc features. This is one of very few UK sites allowing searches on synopsis as well, which could prove very useful if you recall some of the plot about a film, but not the name. We like their guarantee that if you join before 2.00pm, they will send your first DVD rental in the post that day, instead of the following day. They also guarantee to send out your next film on the same day they receive your returned disc--not a guarantee we've seen elsewhere. We really like their sequel facility; if the first film in a TV or movie series is out of stock, rather than send you film 2 in the series, it will skip to something else on your list, so you won't get the films out of order--very clever.

The website notes it is a family-run firm which has been mailing videos since 1992--in terms of breadth of catalogue they can't compete with the big companies, but for most people their selection will be just fine, and some may be more pleased to give their custom to a small business instead of a huge conglomerate. There is a definite action and Hollywood-type bias in DVD selection; there is an entire "genre" of James Bond films listed, while the Arthouse genre has 2 films.

A drawback for some viewers is their location in Northern Ireland, which may mean their discs take longer to reach mainland UK addresses. In a trial, we also noticed a greater-than-normal proportion of scratched discs.


Prices: DVD Choice offer the first month free at half price, though they offer a money-back guarantee no questions asked, for this first, half-price month. They offer 1 disc at £10, the industry standard, and 2 discs at £13. In 2008 they introduced three new capped tariffs, three discs total in the month for £5.99, four discs total for £6.99, and five discs for £7.99. Unlike many services, you can actually cancel a DVD choice subscription at any time, just as long as you last disc is returned 24 hours before the end of your current month.

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Lauren from East Anglia, March 29, 2006

DVD Choice was better than I thought based on old reviews, with swift mail turnarounds (considering they're in N Ireland) and a pretty good selection. They're not the biggest or the best, but I'd think they'd be a good, quick rental choice for anyone in Northern Ireland.

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Steven from Edinburgh, July 29, 2005

Had a terrible experience with DVD Choice. Despite canceling and sending back discs within trial period, they not only didn't refund me as they promised they went on to take another 2 months payment from me. They then didn't reply to 7 (yes seven) emails i sent about this. Eventually i had to get trading standards in to get my money back. Guy's excuse was he had left a friend in charge and didnt realise that things had got so bad. Yea right!!!

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Al, December 15, 2005

Very poor selection. Very, very slow turn round. would not recommend DVD Choice at all

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Al from Norwich, November 9, 2005

Hardly ever got any films. Never answered emails.

Rubbish. Stay away from them.

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Martin from Exeter, June 7, 2005

Cancelled at the end of the trial and DVD Choice took my money for a further 4 months. They ignored all my emails. Got the Trading Standards involved and they managed to recover all of my money back.

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