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DVD rental machines to be launched in UK supermarkets, The Independent, 7 Sep 2009

2009 DVD Rental Industry Commentary, 2 Jan 09, UK DVD Rental Guide

Lovefilm: Blu-ray Seeing Good Uptake in UK, 15 Oct 08, Pocketlint

Can Lovefilm Compete With Downloads?, 10 Feb 08, The Times

Will DVD Rental Firms Adjust, or Will They Die, 21 Aug 07, econsultancy

Gordon Brown Launches Film Club Scheme via Lovefilm , 15 Feb 07, Variety

Rent-by-Mail Biz is Going Digital, 2 Jan 07, Hollywood Reporter

The Xbox Video Rental Nightmare, 23 Nov 06, Gamesworld Network

Expanding DVD Rental-by-Post Industry Profiled, 1 Aug 06, UK DVD Rental Guide press release

DVD Holds Share of Leisure Time - 12 Jul 06, Video Business

Do You Suffer from Netflix Guilt (applicable to any rental service), 12 Jul 06, Newsweek

Online Rental Players Face Barriers in Going Digital, 10 May 06, Ovum

Lovefilm and Video Island (Screenselect) Link Up , 7 Apr 06, BBC

Can Anything Save the High Street Video Rental Store, 30 Mar 06, The Guardian

The Online DVD Rental War, 22 Mar 06, BBC News Online

AOL UK Premieres Online Movie Rentals, 13 Feb 06, The Register

Fast Forward to Oblivion as VCRs Take Only 5% of Market, 7 Jan 06, Times Online

235% Increase in Online DVD Rental for 2005, 7 Dec 05, AME Info

Consumer Test: DVD Rental Companies (featuring, 26 Nov 05, The Guardian

DVD Upstarts Carve Out Niche Businesses (US) - 8 Jun 05, Cnet


DVD/Home Entertainment Links

Internet Movie Database - More film reviews and info than any other site.

DMOZ Online DVD Rental - See entry in the world's largest man-made directory.

Wikipedia online DVD Rental - See entry in the world's largest encyclopedia. - DVD rental info page we manage on 2gogo.

British Film Institute - All things British film

UK DVD Rental Guide - Independent reviews and comparisons of all online UK DVD rental-by-post sites, going strong since 2005

UK Games Rental Guide - Reviews of all UK video games rental-by-post sites - Independent reviews and comparisons of the growing number of ebook reader available worldwide

US DVD Rental Guide - Reviews of all US online DVD rental by mail sites

US Game Rental Guide - Independent reviews of all US online game rental companies - Comparisons of the top, legal US VOD movie download sites

UK Internet Dating Guide - In depth reviews of UK online dating services, both mainstream and niche, so you pick the best

Canada DVD Rental Guide - Comparisons of all Canadian online movie rental sites

Australia DVD Rental Guide - Comparisons of all Australian DVD rental by mail sites

New Zealand DVD Rental Guide - Comparisons of all New Zealand DVD and game rental by mail sites

Ireland DVD Rental Guide - Comparisons of all Irish DVD and video game rental by mail sites

India DVD Rental Guide - Comparisons of Indian online movie rental sites

A1 Duplication - Specializing in DVD replication to independently share your video worldwide. - 35mm Slide and Negative Scanning to DVD.

Portable DVD Players - info to help make the right choice when buying portable DVD players.

Smart Bargain - Compares prices for Amazon UK and Amazon Jersey daily, focus on DVDs/CDs.

TV Shows on DVD - Lists of great television shows from past to present on dvds.

DVD Subtitle Database - Details on DVD subtitl e quality, for hearing impaired viewers.

DVD Answers - Excellent general DVD resource, with info on new releases, etc.

Home Cinema System Reviews - lots of helpful advice to enhance your DVD viewing experience.

A Ok - Your first choice for movies!

Movie Stuff - Film cells, movie posters, t-shirts, toys, plushes, figures, movie memorabilia and more. - List of just about every DVD-related site imaginable.

DVD Dweeb - Reviews and general commentary on all things DVD. - An intelligent look at film, TV, and mass media.

Woops! Movie Goofs - Movie goofs, flubs, flaws and mistakes in thousands of movies.



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