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.Cinema Paradiso is one of our favourite rental companies: cheap, well-designed, and most importantly, the last major DVD rental company in the UK left standing after Lovefilm's October 2017 closure.

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Cinema Paradiso is a strong DVD rental company founded in 2003 which has survied the DVD rental-by-post wars and remains the best option out there. When Lovefilm/Amazon closed down DVD rentals in October 2017, many customers switched to the popular Amazon Prime. streaming service, but for those who want DVDs-by-post, Cinema Paradiso remains the best choice.

With over 90,000 DVD and Blue-Ray films (including some 3D and 4K Ultra HD titles), Cinema Paradiso, we like the fact that they have continued to improve their service even with a lack of competitors in the DVD-by-post sphere. They display expanded film info for each title, what special features are on the disc, etc. One more little thing we like about Cinema Paradiso's site is that they include DVD titles in multiple genres rather than pigeonholing everything into one category.

Cinema Paradiso's turnaround is quite good, aiming to get DVDs dispatched one business day after receiving your old ones. And if you sign up before noon on a weekday, they'll send your first lot of DVDs out that day. Their are other extras, such as purchasing gift DVD rental subscriptions, which would really make an excellent and continuing Christmas or birthday present. One of their excellent new features is an RSS feed, both a personalised one so you will be informed when discs are dispatched and received, as well as a public one which tells of the most popular rentals and new releases.

Again, while there mainstream fare is excellent, Cinema Paradiso has the best inventory of foreign films in the UK, organised well for searching. Their menu covers films from 65 countries!, plus a foreign language menu with 21 entries, and you can even search for subtitles in your language of choice. No other company even comes close for offering foreign languages films.

The company was established in 2003 and is headquartered in Brentford. In 2005, Cinema Paradiso acquired the popular Zoovies service, a good sign the company is growing well, and 2006 saw their film inventory nearly double and acquired DVDstoMe. A further large inventory increase from 35,000 to 50,000 films followed in 2008, as well as the option to buy ex-rental DVDs. The company survived the mass consolidation across the rental market in the early 2010s and remained a strong company and alternative to Lovefilm. As of late 2017, it had rented out 2,7 million discs by post.

One of their most recent innovations is allowing up to five profiles per household--so each profile can have its own queue, and if needed, age restriction to keep young viewers safe from adult content. They've also added a DVD Sale section, where you can pick up even recent hits (ex-rental of course) for cheap.


Prices: Cinema Paradiso offers a unlimited and limited subscription tariffs, catering to low and high volume renters alike, and all at competitive prices. Cinema Paradiso offer an unlimited, two disc at a time tariff for a very competitive £11.98 and three discs for £19.98.

They also offer a full range of limited subscriptions for low-volume renters: 2 discs per month, one out at a time for £4.89 (2.45 per disc), 3 discs per month, one out at a time, for £5.99 (2 quid per disc), and 4 discs per month, 2 out at a time, for £7.99 (£2 per disc). Unlike most other companies using this limited tariff model, if you only watch 2 in one month out of your 4 tariff, you get those extra 2 next month, so it's quite fair. Although they don't have a traditional time-based free trial, Cinema Paradiso offer the first four rentals free.

If you want to cancel, Cinema Paradiso requires that all discs be back in their possession by the time the free trial period ends--they suggest posting back five days before the end, which really means it's equivalent to a nine-day free trial if you quit.

Cinema Paradiso DVD Rental Free Trial
Cinema Paradiso Customer Comments
Featured Cinema Paradiso Customer Review

Danielle from London, September, 2009

have tried other DVD rentals company such as Lovefilm for a short time before switching to Cinema Paradiso. I have been a full member for nearly 2 years and cannot stop praising their services. Their website is improving constantly and the quality of films already in their catalogue is certainly one of the most complete especially especially if you are looking for foreign films. When a title is added to their reserved list, they will do everything to obtain a copy of a specific film for their members. You get regular update of what is happening to your reserved selection and will always manage obtaining a copy of the film who are looking for as soon as at it is released for the UK market. Their customer services is also very efficient and you will always get your dedicated customer services assistant who will do their best to help you even if you have a complaint to make. I would recommend to any future customers to read the company terms and conditions before joining in. By doing so, you will avoid complaining about specific issues which are clearly stated in them. All DVDs rental companies have the same terms and conditions and it is important to read them carefully to before joining in. Even though DVDs are all dispatched using the first class Royal Mail service, we all know that Royal Mail is not always reliable with delivery the mail on time. So, Cinema Paradiso cannot be held responsible for such a delay. I have recommend Cinema Paradiso to a large number of my friends who are so far satisfied. DVDs can get easily lost in the post, and, if you follow the process to report lost DVDs, major problems can be easily avoid. They have also added trailers to their website and their quality is certainly the best compare to Lovefilm and Blockbusters. It is obviously a smaller company compared to their competitors but they certainly care more about their members than other multinationals who just care about obtaining a large number of customers rather than looking after those they have already have on their database. Cinema Paradiso cares about their customers and always take their customers comments and suggestions into consideration. Also every emails are answered personally. You do not get a standard respond like the others. They are also the only ones offering a free trial period of 30 days with 4 free DVDs rentals while the others offer only 14 days which is too short to decide if you want to start a membership with them or not I wish Cinema Paradiso good luck and carry on improving their website as well as looking after your customers using such a personal service.

Value: Four stars .Design: Three stars .Service: Two stars


Most Recent Cinema Paradiso Customer Reviews

Chris from Winchester, March 2015

After trials of famous sites offering a limited diet of 4,000 films (!Four thousand?) few which appeal, it's exciting to find this one where films are, the business. Such an easy and clear layout too. Feel I might have struck lucky.

Value: Five stars .Design: Four stars .Service: Four stars


Gary from Birmingham, August 2014

Excellent service, absolutely loved everything about it, the website, delivery, quality of the discs was flawless

Value: Five stars .Design: Four stars .Service: Four stars


Jeff from Dingwall, June 2012

rental service is the best I have used and the range of films the widest, particularly in terms of world cinema or films made in other countries besides USA or UK. .... Thanks for such and great service. :-)) 

Value: Five stars .Design: Four stars .Service: Four stars


Tina, 27 March 2010

very sloppy customer service which never replies to emails. the reviews are a rip off, there is are prizes for the most helpful reviews each month thou the voting buttons don't store your vote so you cant vote on any reviews! i submitted about 30+ reviews 10 of which can't be seen on the site unless your logged out! i've been a member for 4 months and the overall experience was shabby to say the least.

Value: Five stars .Design: Four stars .Service: Four stars


Shannon, 7 January 2010

I also left from Lovefilm looking for a better option, and have found it with CP--they're cheaper and don't feel like the faceless bueracracy that is Lovefilm when you have problems. A disc was lost in the post and all I had to do was fill out a form, no accusations, charges, or hassles (though it took over a week to realise it was late, my own fault). I can't recommend Cinema Paradiso highly enough.

Value: Five stars .Design: Four stars .Service: Four stars


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Cinema Paradiso DVD Rental Free Trial

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