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.Now out of business, 99pDVD was a small online DVD rental company focusing on low-volume renters with fixed tariffs


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Visit 99pDVD Rental Site99pDVD went out of business in late 2007; we're keeping this review up for posterity.

99pDVD is a relatively new DVD rental company offering pay-per-rent credits, launched by the same company which ran the now-defunct unlimited DVD rental service DVD-to-Me. We're bigger fans of unlimited services as we believe even a medium renter can save money, but this model remains a good choice for people who only rent a few films per month.

The site itself doesn't look too bad, and they list an unprecedented 161 genres! These range from Action, Air, Animals Wildlife to World War and Wrestling. Granted, some, like Welsh, Badminton, and Sex Education, have only one film, but we're still impressed with the breakout, which should help browsing. The site boasts an "online catalogue of over 35,000 DVDs"--this is quite alot for a medium-sized company, and we're a bit wary of the claim, as it doesn't say our inventory of 35,000 titles.

We do like their 2007 addition of "What to Watch This Weekend" recommendations powered by the Dirty Rotten Tomatoes movie critic site. They are also the only site to our knowledge that let's you pay not only by credit card, but also Worldpay, Paypal, or even personal cheque.

Prices: 99pDVD have an interesting tariff offering: £9.99 for 5 rentals within 2 months (2 quid per disc), 12 discs at £19.99 (1.60 per disc within 3 months), 20 discs at £29.99 (£1.50 per disc within 4 months), 40 discs at £49.99 (£1.25 per disc within 5 months), and a mammoth 100 discs for £99.99 (hence the 99p per disc name of the company, all must be used within 6 months). Note that this is not an unlimited service, and you must return the DVDs within 7 days (no late fees are specified on the site though). On the plus side, they note any lost DVDs in the post are their responsibility.


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